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DDF 'Kiss Me Here, And Here' starring Jessi Gold (Photo 2)

Jessi Gold in 'DDF' - Kiss Me Here, And Here (HANDSONHARDCORE.COM)

Jessi Gold is in such a frisky mood that she's worn her special red “kiss me here” panties on her date with Nikolas. See the smiling lips on the front? Well, the rest of their clothes came off pretty quickly, and she sits on his stiffening stalk as he feels up her titties and cheeks and sucks on her nips.

Released : October 14th, 2014

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Jessi Gold - The Ultimate Treatment

Jessi Gold is a gorgeous young Russian goddess, right? And today she's going to show us how she gives the ultimate toe treatment to lucky Nikolas. Wow!!

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Jessi Gold - Showcase For Lovliness

Meet a promising newcomer today when our DDF lenses bring Jessi Gold into your view. This friendly looking doll has quite a shapely bottom, as outlined by the photographer's lighting on her taut black yoga pants.

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Sweet lounging in the afternoon turns into a slick game between girls and their toys. Alexis & Jessi slink onto the couch and fondle each other softly, licking and playing with toys until they get satisfaction.

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Jessi Gold has a big pink toy and is slowly teasing her clit when her man takes over. He goes down on her for a taste of that sweet teen peach before impaling her with his solid manhood! She moans and grinds against him until he explodes all over her perfectly round ass.

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Jessi's long slender legs and gorgeous natural breasts drive her man so wild he can't stop himself from tearing open her sexy black panties and kissing her clit until her body seizes with pleasure. Still wrapped in the tatters of her lingerie, Jessi entices her man to the bed where she gives him the ride of his life, taking is hard cock deep into the palace of her pussy, feeling him pulsing within her until he cums in ecstasy. Wise and tender, Jessi takes her exhausted lover in her arms and holds him, smiling in the knowledge that she's brought him to sexual nirvana.

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Steamy, sultry, and smooth, the passion burns white-hot between lesbian babes Kristal and Jessie Gold. Once Jessie gets excited and tumbles into bed, she can go all night, finger-fucking her gorgeous girlfriend and trading favors until the sun comes up. Spend the evening with these lusty lesbians, pleasuring each other until their erotic play crescendos into climax after intense climax.

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Take a load off and check out Nikolas's legendary night with his girlfriend Kristal and a gorgeous lady they invited over to have hot sex. Jessi Gold was a little shy at first, but as soon as she climbed into bed with the horny couple, she got into the swing of things. For the first time in his life, Nikolas had two hungry mouths sharing his rock hard dick, and the pleasure was nearly overwhelming. With their pert asses cocked in the air, Nikolas pulled down their panties and buried his face deep in their asses one after the other. As he teased their holes with his tongue and fingers, the tension grew and grew, until he finally went all the way. Treat yourself to this steamy couples porn, to see three horny lovers exploring their desires in a tangle of lustful flesh.

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When Nikolas feels the weight of the world on his shoulders, his girlfriend Jessi Gold knows the best way to cheer him up is with a night of hot sex. Finding him seated on their bed, Jessi kissed his neck and lay Nikolas down to please his cock with her lips and tongue. After Nikolas's member was standing tall, Jessi flipped over so he could return the favour. Nikolas teased her pussy through her panties, then licked hungrily at her clit. As things heated up, Jessi's arousal built to a fever pitch, and she felt an urgent need to feel Nikolas deep inside her. Once Nikolas has thrust his cock in to the hilt, he forgot all his worries, and lost himself completely in erotic thrill of hot passionate sex.

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Join Jessi Gold on her sofa this afternoon as she rubs one out in this stunning glamcore scene. Wearing nothing more than her favorite piece of lingerie, Jessi walked into the room, stripping off items as she went. When she finally sat down on her sofa, naked and gorgeous and rubbing her fingers down the bronzed skin of her stomach, Jessi was so horny she could barely handle it. Jessi rubbed down her pussy, circling her clit with tight strokes. As the erotic tension of an intense orgasm built up in her crotch, Jessi buried her face in a pillow with her peachy bum high in the air, and fingered herself harder and faster until she brought herself to the big finish.