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Gina Devine in 'Surrender To Her Soles!'

Gina Devine - Surrender To Her Soles!

You wouldn't think such a slender little gal could be so demanding, but Gina Devine sure is in her new appearance today. The raven-tressed stunner from the Czech Republic poses on the famous DDF red egg chair while wearing a black lace top and sheer black pantyhose that have beige-colored feet. Unusual fashion! She's got some killer high heels on too, and she licks the pumps to show us exactly how she likes them worshipped...

Viktoria Diamond aka Lucy Heart in 'Performing For Him--And Us!'

Viktoria Diamond aka Lucy Heart - Performing For Him--And Us!

When a man comes home from the jungle of business, it's good to know that his woman not only is waiting for him with a well-mixed drink, but also with her body at the ready to help him purge the built-up tensions from his stressful day. At least, that's the fantasy so many of us have! And this fantasy is brought to life by Lucy Heart as she greets David Perry on his return from the world of business, giving him a tasty libation and quickly getting inside his clothes to free his cock for her skilled mouth. Faster than you can say "Wall Street Journal," Lucy is on her knees blowing him, and then he licks her groove before cramming his meat into t...

Kathia Nobili in 'Fulfilling Her Shoe Whim!'

Kathia Nobili - Fulfilling Her Shoe Whim!

Here's a roleplay fantasy many of us would enjoy: being in charge of the shoes of our wives or girlfriends, and catering to their whims for the instant gratification of their shoe needs! Nick Lang hurries into the room when his wife calls him and asks him to bring down some of her favorite shoes from the bedroom upstairs. Nick doesn't even have time to put down his briefcase from work, she is so impatient. No sooner is he fitting some different heels on her red nylon-clad stems than she's bringing out the foot and leg worshipper in him, sticking her size 6.5 Czech feet in his face and rubbing them on his trousered cock. His meat comes out soon en...

Whitney Conroy aka Messy Wild in 'Bait For Billionaires!'

Whitney Conroy aka Messy Wild - Bait For Billionaires!

There's nothing like the pleasure of seeing a super-attractive new face who's about to show us everything intimate about herself! Yes, such a revelation is a special thrill, and Whitney Conroy gives it to us on as she stands in her little black dress and black peep toe heels, in her simultaneously sophisticated yet friendly blonde way looking like a girl at a very chic cocktail party. Any moment now, it seems as if billionaires are going to be hitting on her...but no, she's posing for US at! Peeling down to her animal print bra and thong, she flashes a beautiful smile or a subtle pout as she soon tugs aside her lingerie to reveal a tigh...

Eve Angel in 'A Pink Lathering!'

Eve Angel - A Pink Lathering!

Today I invite you into the shower with me, so you can see exactly how I get myself nice and tongue-licking clean! I turn the shower head on and run it along my body, imagining your hands doing the same. I just love the feeling of the vibrations on my body, especially when it gets to all my sensitive spots! Mmmm. I get wet just thinking about it! I drizzle body soap all over my tits, and work up a lather all the way to my pretty pink. Of course, I make sure to drizzle the soap down my back and to my ass, because I know how you love to see my big booty. Sitting down, I direct the spray so it hits my clit just right and I finger my now very wet and juicy...

Anita Berlusconi in 'Enjoy Her Frisky Antics!'

Anita Berlusconi - Enjoy Her Frisky Antics!

New face Anita Berlusconi shows up for her first appearance in a little white dress and black peep toe pumps, but her clothes don't stay on for long once Mugur starts romancing her on a couch! He kisses her neck, her shoulders, her mouth, and soon she's straddling his lap and he's pulling apart her cheeks to get at that white cotton panty crotch and its treasures within. No sooner does he slide his finger inside her dark wet pinkness than she's taking his huge boner out of his jeans and putting it into her mouth, at the same time pulling her titties out of her dress and fondling herself. She sits on Mugur's face and they sixty-nine, and then...

Laura Crystal in 'Sensual Afternoon Encounter!'

Laura Crystal - Sensual Afternoon Encounter!

It may be winter now in a lot of places, but the warmth and sunshine will be here before you know it! So imagine wandering around a leafy neighborhood on a pleasant afternoon and coming upon a lovely girl relaxing in her yard. That's Laura Crystal today, sitting around in her sneakers, t-shirt, and denim miniskirt, and she's happy to see you and give you a show! Couldn't happen? Well, that's what fantasy is for! She lifts up her skirt and shows you her thong with its "Sweet As Candy" logo just over her pussy, and then she plays with her titties and lets you ogle her bottom. Look how her thong is so snug between those cheeks, wouldn't ya j...

Anita Pearl in 'Riding The Love Balls!'

Anita Pearl - Riding The Love Balls!

Splendid in her pink and black lingerie, Anita Pearl gives us a show with vibrating love balls. The lithe Hungarian quickly peels away her panties to show us her snatch, then she leans back on a couch and takes out the pink balls on a string. With her bra and camisole removed, she lets the balls rub against her nipples, and then she slides them one at a time into her pussy. With the remote control attachment, she turns the power of the balls on and sends throbbing thrills of pleasure through her core, making her grit her teeth as her body quickly races up the hill to fulfillment. Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews come in tight so we can see as she...

Connie in 'Newcomer Feeds on Two!'

Connie - Newcomer Feeds on Two!

Newcomer Connie, a babe from Budapest has her first skin flute session with Totti while Thomas Stone tries his hand as the video man. Thomas has been a long time porn star here at DDF so you guessed right if you realized he probably couldn't keep his mitts off the new talent for long. Connie gets to deep throating Totti immediately showing off her skills with mucho finesse! Then Mr. Stone goes, "Screw this!", and jumps in on the action! Connie then hops off the bed and toots into both guys' blow-horns lubing them up with her spit before dropping to her knees and playing her back and forth erotic symphony. Her perky boobies bounce with each deep thrust...

Victoria Puppy in 'Double dick-down!'

Victoria Puppy - Double dick-down!

When the super sultry Victoria Puppy of the good ole Czech Republic stumbles upon a countryside repair shop in dire need of some new hose for her cooling system, she gets herself into a double dick-down! Lucky for Ms. Puppy, Neeo and Denis Reed are ready for servicing her every need, and filling her hungry mouth to the brim with man-meat!

Sheila Grant in 'Boobie Blowjob Royale!'

Sheila Grant - Boobie Blowjob Royale!

The magnificent Sheila Grant gives David Perry what we like to call a Boobie Blowjob Royale, but not before starting his engine with a soothing and gentle massage. Sheila demonstrates her fantastic fellatio skills on, and you'll thrill to how amazingly well she coordinates the use of her phenomenal floppers with her lusty mouth. If she's not taking his inches deep into her throat, she's plowing them between the warmth of her inviting cleavage!

Eve Angel in 'Naughty Nurse in Pink Latex!'

Eve Angel - Naughty Nurse in Pink Latex!

I have a fantasy about being a nurse since I like helping people, and I thought being one today would give me the opportunity to help your cock get stone hard with my naughty ways! I love this pink latex uniform with stockings. It's so tight on my body that it emphasizes my shape amazingly well. Do you think I look hot? Maybe the best thing about this pink dress is that it is so easy to take off so I can touch my juicy wet pussy. That always feels good! I can also show you my firm tits and round ass without any problem. Getting fully naked I enjoy sucking and playing with my tasty toes. Some say I am kinky, and they would be very correct! As long as it...

Eve Angel in 'Fox snacking on Angel!'

Eve Angel - Fox snacking on Angel!

Hey and welcome back! Have I got a great show for all you leg and foot fetish enthusiasts today! One of my favorite girls Kyla Fox came to visit me from Prague and we always explore our deepest desires whenever we have a chance in our busy schedules. It usually involves have petting and lots of toe sucking and footing. So why don't you get yourself nice and comfortable, kick back and enjoy the show!

Emma Butt in 'Emma gets down to business!'

Emma Butt - Emma gets down to business!

In the last few weeks we've seen quite a bit of the bodacious, very well endowed DDF model Emma Butt, and today she really get's down to business the old fashioned way. Nothing like sealing a deal with a righteous blow job coupled with two of the biggest titties you've ever seen!

Nanny in 'Holiday hooter humping!'

Nanny - Holiday hooter humping!

Here's a good way to spend an afternoon during the holidays--taking a bath with a busty beauty like Nanny! She comes upon Tony in the bathroom, who's enjoying a hot soak while she primps in the mirror. Soon enough he spritzes her with the shower attachment and gets her into the tub, where he can enjoy her 38Ds through her soaked blouse while she tugs on his cock. They kiss while she opens her shirt so that he can nurse on her knockers, and then she gets down in the tub so she can suck his shaft. He stands over Nanny and feels up her tits, then she reaches around and vacuums his balls into her lips.

Aneta J. in 'Tis the season to be kinky!'

Aneta J. - Tis the season to be kinky!

Welcome to a latex Christmas with Aneta J! This tall candy cane of a babe really knows what Santa was meaning when he said, ho , ho, ho and slid his fat ass down the chimney! He wasn't giving a signal to put out milk and cookies for him, he was calling out for any ho's in the vicinity to come coax a creamy present out of sack. You see, now that Aneta is armed with this knowledge, every Christmas she gets her finest latex kink attire and waits for Santa to come down so she can seduce him and have her own chimney stuffed with wood. Of course she draws him in with a skimpy little Mrs. Santa outfit on first, and peels that off seductively revealing tits an...

Angelica Heart in 'Her very own dick in a box!'

Angelica Heart - Her very own dick in a box!

Or sha'll we say, three dicks in three boxes! Angelica Heart wins a chance to be on the newest TV show and jumps at the opportunity! You see, in this game, it's a win win situation for a blow job queen like her. The only question is, who's dick will she suck first!

Denise in 'Newcomer craving a banana!'

Denise - Newcomer craving a banana!

Newcomer Denise got a part time job at the DDF banana factory and we filmed her first day on the job. You see, here at DDF, we specialize in bananas, especially ones enjoyed by hot young starlets like Denise. It doesn't take her long to realize that the ad she responded to, was for the kind of banana that she could eat all day long without filling up. Check her here as she rocks Sabby's stuff and gets a nice serving of protein as a welcoming gift!

Sunny in 'Strawberry and chocolate swirl!'

Sunny - Strawberry and chocolate swirl!

Kid Jamaica and Sunny get into some bathtub fun as they whip up their own version a strawberry and chocolate ice cream sundae! Tiny teen Sunny is no stranger to big sticks of ice cream and she gets right to it with Jamaica's cock popsicle, gorging herself with it to no end!

Linet in 'Sucking powers unite!'

Linet - Sucking powers unite!

On this special 11-11-11 set, Linet's sucking powers become extraordinary! Choky Ice is the lucky stud that encounters her abilities and gets taken for a whirlwind of a slurpin!

Kathia Nobili in 'Her Mouth is Like Magic!'

Kathia Nobili - Her Mouth is Like Magic!

Kathia Nobili is one of the finest and most provocative beauties ever to step foot into a porn studio and today we have her blowing Mr. Lang's banana like it's the last food on earth! Mr. Lang delivers a new toy to Kathia, a purple vibrator, but she decides she wants some real beef instead! She cons him into giving up his own pleasure rod even though he feels he may get into trouble! Poor guy really. It would be terrible for something like this to happen in real life. Personally I don't know what I would do. Yeah Right!!! I think if any of us were in that situation our cocks would fly to the moon! She is quite the hungry honey as she chomps on his tube...

Lana in 'Suckin down a jamaican rattler!'

Lana - Suckin down a jamaican rattler!

Lana is in the mood for some long dong silver today! Lucky for her to meet up with Kid Jamaica who's got a snake like dong to quench her cravings! He's taking a night job cleaning her office, and she walks in after a late night meeting horny for a sausage sandwich!

Samantha White in 'Samantha's super slurpy suckfest!'

Samantha White - Samantha's super slurpy suckfest!

It's a high stakes game of poker and things aren't looking to good for Samantha White! You see, her husband Bruno is not doing too well and the only bargaining chip he has left is Samantha! See what happens next!

Olivia in 'Sucking and sixty-nine!'

Olivia - Sucking and sixty-nine!

Our sexy Russian starlet Olivia goes on a date with Mr. Choky Ice and takes him home for a little sucking and sixty-nine!

Lisa in 'likes to Choky her mouth!'

Lisa - likes to Choky her mouth!

Gorgeous Blonde Lisa from the Russian federation joins us today to suck our man Choky Ice off in a Sauna room and really heats things up! Could you imagine , relaxing in a sauna room when a hot blonde cutey walks in and just pulls your dick out from underneath your towel and starts giving you head! Here's a hot scenario that will have you hitting the gym with a hard on for sure!

Paige Turnah in 'The boss lady newcummer!'

Paige Turnah - The boss lady newcummer!

The fantasy of fucking your boss has always been one to make a guys head spin with desire. Today we have a great peep into that dream of the boss taking it to the next level when newcummer Paige Turnah from Great Britain meets Choky Ice and blows him right in her office!

Oliviya Dis in 'Oliviya goes down in the elevator!'

Oliviya Dis - Oliviya goes down in the elevator!

Sexy blonde Oliviya has a few problems starting her day as the elevator at her workplace has mechanical problems. Lucky for her Bruno SX is their for a repair and she's so grateful she pushes him into the confined space and ferociously gobbles his meat to help relieve his stresses!

Avril Sun in 'Morning cock with her scrambled egg'

Avril Sun - Morning cock with her scrambled egg

Meet super sexy DDF babe Avril Sun. Breakfast is one of her favorite meals of the day and she states "There's nothing like a morning meat sausage cock with my scrambled eggs to get things jump started! " Well she's in luck as Sabby has his all unwrapped up and ready for her! Enjoy some wonderfully vivid HD shots of Avril's angelic face, stuffed with Sabby's baseball bat and the twins as she chokes down on it lovingly! A few shots of her straddling the sausage provider, with her hands wrapped around the pole before she gets her morning dose of Protein served hot and fresh directly into her mouth!

Bettina DiCapri in 'Some Facecream While Sunbathing!'

Bettina DiCapri - Some Facecream While Sunbathing!

Bettina DiCapri is no stranger to the art of swallowing a man's stiff prick and looking damn good doing it! Lucky Sabby gets to enjoy a full rooftop session of her skills as he comes up to meet her on the sundeck, and she unzips him and stuffs her mouth solid! Wearing a silver shimmery thong bikini, raven hair pulled back, and some slick red sunglasses, she starts sucking his meat down like a hoover vacuum cleaner! All the while peeping at us from above the top rim of her glasses with a look that seems to say, "You wish this was your cock stuffed in my hot mouth right now don't you?". Yes Bettina we sure do!! She takes Sabby's hard prick in down to the...

Abbie Cat in 'Thankful babe sucking painter's cock'

Abbie Cat - Thankful babe sucking painter's cock

Beautiful black-haired babe Abbie Cat was very thankful for Nick for painting her flat, so she decided to give him a little break for a hot blowjob. The hard guy was happy to lend his cock for quick sucking & soon loaded all his cum in her pretty mouth.

Viktoria Diamond in 'Young beauty enjoys sucking cock'

Viktoria Diamond - Young beauty enjoys sucking cock

Young blonde beauty Viktoria Diamond enjoys sucking Choky Ice's cock until it blows all its cum on her pretty young face & sexy small tits!

Leona Queen in 'Using All Her Resources!'

Leona Queen - Using All Her Resources!

Feisty and adventurous Leona Queen makes her first appearance on our site with this frisky threeway with crewcut Martin Gun and ponytailed Thomas. While Leona sucks Thomas' cock, Martin photographs her legs and feet, which are clad in black thigh highs and tomato-red backless heels. But soon Martin sucks her feet through the nylons and gets her to rub his cock with her soles. Leona takes charge, shifting the dicks of both men between her mouth and feet. Soon she's the meat in a sandwich, throating Thomas while getting it doggie style from Martin, and all the while we see her feet waiting to be sucked and licked again. The guys do exactly that with her...