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Connie in 'DDF' - Newcomer Feeds on Two! (ONLYBLOWJOB.COM)

Newcomer Connie, a babe from Budapest has her first skin flute session with Totti while Thomas Stone tries his hand as the video man. Thomas has been a long time porn star here at DDF so you guessed right if you realized he probably couldn't keep his mitts off the new talent for long. Connie gets to deep throating Totti immediately showing off her skills with mucho finesse! Then Mr. Stone goes, "Screw this!", and jumps in on the action! Connie then hops off the bed and toots into both guys' blow-horns lubing them up with her spit before dropping to her knees and playing her back and forth erotic symphony. Her perky boobies bounce with each deep thrust...

Released : June 1st, 2012

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Twenty-one-year-old Connie makes her living as a librarian, but this gorgeous Prague beauty doesn't mind getting a bit naughty in her free time. Visiting with legendary Italian director Rocco Siffredi, Connie shows off her plump ass and huge, firm boobies to the camera. Then this longhaired minx reclines on the sofa and gives the director a sexy private masturbation show, lewdly fucking her tight pussy using a giant rubber dildo.

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This foursome is going to need plenty of oil in this fucked up fisting scene! One dude is taking on Japanese babe Marica Hase, big titty, blue-eyed beauty Bibi Noel, and fist loving Eurobabe Connie, and the dick and fists are going to work their fucked up magic! This insanely hot trio was outside enjoying some drinks when their cock for the evening arrives, and since they're all in a tipsy, kinky mood, you know this one is going to get nasty quickly! Sure enough, when the oil comes out it really begins, and while oiling down Bibi's big tits is super hot in itself, it's when Marica oils up both fists and gets to full force fist penetration on both Bibi and Connie at the same time! This little Asian freak even takes some dick deep in her mouth at the same time! Connie also eats out Bibi as she's getting a whole fist inside her cootch, and this dude is happy to supply his cock throughout the whole incredible fisting event, eventually having to bust his nut on slutty Marica and her hot satin blouse, which she then shares with her freshly fisted fuck buddies! Contribute now for these fisting bitches to come to life!!

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Connie and Lana are some true look-alike bitches, and when both of them are trying to declare themselves as the sexiest and nastiest you know these drama queens are gonna get into one hell of a scuffle! Right before your eyes the catfight begins, and it's only once a man enters the scene when they can take their fucked up competition to the next level with some hardcore sex fighting! These twins take this guy for a ride with some intense deep-throating, loads of spitting, clothes ripping, hair pulling, and of course plenty of slutting it up with some hard dick in their snatches, all while still engaged in a rough and tough battle that puts this guy's dick to the test until he can't take anymore and has to blow his load right into one of these hottie's open and begging mouth! Still in competition mode but coming around to each other after this ripped up hardcore spit-fest, they end this insanity with some seriously sloppy cum swapping! Connie and Lana put on a look-alike fuck show you have to see to believe!

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Lucky as fuck and totally naked Martin is about to get his world rocked in this six Hungarian babe CFNM PARTY!! Total sluts Nia, Nikky Thorne, Connie, Melanie, Leyla Black, and another hottie are about to show this guy how it's done all while in the hot tub, grabbing his head and shoving it in their asses and pussies and letting him know that they're in charge and going to get exactly what they want with his meat rod! Martin's not complaining, but even the most hardcore of dudes would be nervous around this crew, as classy as they may look in their expensive outfits, as they slap his cock and make it slap the inside of their pussies at their command! Plowing his way through these six freaks as they hike those skirts up in this CFNM wetlook reverse gangbang is no easy task, especially when he's getting his head shoved under water and serving as an all-you-can-eat buffet for these highly fashionable hungry sluts! Oral galore, pussy pounding, handjobs, feet in his face, and getting all around roughed up are all part of the action, and these satin clad chicks aren't stopping until they drain this guy dry! You've gotta pay to play with this incredible CFNM party, so get your bids in and make this fucked up rough CFNM reverse gangbang a reality!

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There's nothing like watching some high fashion beauties gag themselves silly on some big schlong, drooling all over themselves and getting humiliated with all the facial abuse served up in this Sloppy Swapping scene! They don't do normal ol' blowjobs here, just truly testing how far and fucked up they can go when able to let loose on some deepthroat, back-of-throat rammin action, and by the end of this baby you'll see that both Nia and Connie deserve some respect and plenty more cocks to gobble down! Don't be fooled by their fancy blouses and skirts, these freaks are out for meat and seeing just how much they can relax those throat muscles and take plenty of their own spit as their mouths fill up with more and more nastiness! Once both of these chicks have been properly face-banged and have shared in their massive globs of slobber, it's time to take a nice load of cum to the mouth, but instead of swallowing it down first these chicks want to play with that hott jizz, going back and forth with the swap play and making sure they both get a taste of the ultimate sluttiness! For extreme sloppy blowjob and swapping action, look no further than this gag-inducing scene and make it a reality with your contributions!

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Holy shit and welcome to the Lezboxx! Nikky Thorne is looking like one cool ass bitch in her red cadillac, and definitely knowing she's in for a ride as she sees Bibi Noel, Lien, Nia, and Connie in her rear view mirror, three of them wearing swimsuits and all of them with that "we've come for you" look on their faces! Nikky of course wants to examine them all first, before she's the center of attention, making them all bend over and show off their freshly oiled asses! More than satisfied with her new lesbo friends, it's time for this lady in red to take the focus from all of these fuck hungry lesbos and take what's coming to her! That means sexy Nikky will be getting a fist deep inside her pussy and some anal beads deeper and deeper into her tight ass! Nikky also later endures a thick, long dildo down into her ass, with more fisting and plenty of all around roughness, letting her know that she's the supreme slut of the group, even as they lez out all around her in the process! Nikky's holes may never be the same, but she could care less after this kind of treatment only from Lezboxx! However, even lesbos like a little cum in the mix, and there's a guy around that's ready to blow his load, splooging right into Nikky's mouth and then watching in delight as the cum swapping train begins from all five of these sluts! Place your order and check out these five chicks and a load of cum going absolute animal with their nasty selves!

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Leather Chronicles is bringing you its first edition of leather focused action, with this hardcore threesome scene bringing you two absolute hotties, Connie and Lien, rocking some black leather pants and demanding that pussy that lies beneath! Lien is a super tall, slim chick, and that amount of leather is a site to see as it clings to her thin frame, and they're sure to lick up on those pants, getting the taste of leather in their mouths before pussy! Leather is the catalyst, but these freaks are looking to attack those pussies, and one way to do that it to rip a crotch hole right into those pants and go at it! Now those pussies and asses are exposed but the leather is otherwise in tact, and when a guy sees what's going on he comes over and busts out his cock for these leather fetishists! Both chicks get their face crammed with dick, competing for who can go deepest, and then they both spread those leather covered legs wide, with Connie getting her pussy porked and Lien getting her asshole pounded with fury until it's nice and gaped for everyone to see deep inside her ass! Connie's all over that pussy while Lien's ass is getting pounded, the perfect place for her to take a cum splatter when the time comes! Nasty anal whores rock that leather with passion! Get your contribution in to see leather babes go anal kinky!

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There's no way this guy deserves NINE incredibly sexy babes, and even though their going to give him the best day of his life they're also going to let him know that he's a piece of trash and purely there for their enjoyment in this totally fucked, mega reverse gangbang CHICK ATTACK! Blindfolded and led around like the dog he is, this guy is happy to take what's coming to him as these nine freaks of nature take what they want with his cock, and for those that aren't getting a piece in the moment there's plenty of lesbo ass and pussy to go hard with, and these chicks always know how to please themselves! Only wanting this guy for his meat stick, they hop on one after the other and demand he hold off as long as they want him to as they all get off hard! Only when they say can he blow his load, and they're all grouped up with their slutty mouths wide open to take all that spews out of him! Normally that would be it, but the CHICK ATTACK here at SinUnity takes things over the top, dragging this blindfolded fuck outside and then pissing all over him! A nine chick golden shower can soak a man to the core, and you have to see this piss action to believe it! Put in your contribution now!!