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Melanie Gold in 'DDF' - The Baddest Cop (1BY-DAY.COM)

Effective strategies for modern police work probably don't include the female officers wearing miniskirts, thigh high sheer black stockings, lowcut blouses, and strappy black platform heels...and that's why we wish we lived in DDF Porn World, where lady cops dress exactly like that! Case in point, that stunner from Romania named Melanie Gold, who arrives to do an investigation and ends up sniffing the clues (like panties), playing with her pussy, and stripping aside her duds to reveal a tasty 34B-23-35 body of erotic evidence! In place of a third degree of any persons of interest, this dedicated officer crams her snatch with her pink-polished finge...

Released : November 7th, 2013

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Melanie Gold in 'Rods Of The Wild West'

Melanie Gold - Rods Of The Wild West

Cowgirl Melanie Gold interrupts Totti and Sabby in the middle of their work in the barn on the Triple X Ranch. But it's a welcome distraction because she looks so tasty in her blouse tied at the midriff, broad-brimmed hat, Daisy Dukes, and beautifully tooled boots. And of course, they know that she's there on a mission to suck their rods!

Melanie Gold in 'Perfect Celebration'

Melanie Gold - Perfect Celebration

Melanie Gold is fully in the Valentine's Day mode as she lounges around in her red lingerie on the bed, surrounded by balloons. Her man Thomas Stone arrives and he has a surprise she's been waiting for: an engagement ring! It looks so pretty on her slender hand. But there's something else going on here today: Thomas has a replica of her ring wrapped around the base of his big dick!! Not that she'd need any kind of coaxing to get down to the skilled cock sucking and deepthroat that Melanie is going to bring to their wedded bliss. She gives him a full demonstration of her talents, peeling off her lingerie as she proceeds to treat him to the balls...

Melanie Gold in 'Clinic Capers'

Melanie Gold - Clinic Capers

When Dr. Totti met raven-tressed Kira Queen and blonde Melanie Gold at a nightclub, he told them he worked at a clinic. He couldn't stay and party all night because he had to get up early in the morning to work; so the two wild girls decide to pay him a visit instead of going home, still wearing their clubbing duds from the night before! They both think Totti is mad hot, and they want to distract him from his medical duties! And distract him they do in these sexy blowjob pics as they demonstrate their cock sucking, deepthroat and balls licking skills right there on the examining table. It may not be conventional medicine, but in our opinion watching...

Melanie Gold in 'Cuddly with the Bubbly'

Melanie Gold - Cuddly with the Bubbly

Melanie Gold brings Thomas Stone home, and they head into the bathroom to enjoy a little bubbly and a bath. He peels off her clothes first, and it's nice to see the shape of her naked body against his still-dressed form. She has a fine ass indeed. But soon enough this Romanian hot babe strips him down too, kneels to suck his jutting dick, and gets him in the tub where he eats her pussy before she leans him back for some more of those blowjob lips of hers. As their hardcore XXX video heats up further, Tom spreads her pink and then sits her down on his shaft, before shifting her to her knees again for more oral action. Doggie style follows as her body...

Melanie Gold in 'Rosebud Ready For Action'

Melanie Gold - Rosebud Ready For Action

It's always a happy day when we can place an especially talented newcomer in front of your discriminating eyes! So meet Melanie Gold, whose killer body is a temptation whether she's naked in your arms like Nick Lang gets to experience here, or performing in front of you on your computer screen in her hardcore XXX anal porn video like the hot and nasty "fill me in every hole" temptress that she obviously is!! As a matter of fact, Nick's prick bypasses her snatch in this scene, in which he interrupts her ironing to bring her attention to a more pressing matter: the arousal of his organ through her skilled deep throat technique, and the ultimate...

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Melanie Gold in 'Bouncing Bunnies'

Melanie Gold - Bouncing Bunnies

Sometimes Easter brings more than just chocolate. Rico is just waiting at home when he gets a surprise visit from a very special bunny. Melanie offers some special products, and then, something a little extra. By the end of the night, those bunnies have been bouncing up and down for a long time, and both client and customer are very satisfied.

Melanie Gold in 'Anal Siesta'

Melanie Gold - Anal Siesta

It has a certain charm how this lovely couple turns a lazy afternoon siesta into a sweaty, passionate sex on a deck chair. But we well aware that Melanie's hot blood and Csoky's sexual appetite can turn into a 'sexplosive' mixture that easily leads to a sensual anal love.

Lullu Gun in 'Step-Family Portrait'

Lullu Gun - Step-Family Portrait

A simple step-family photoshoot became extra spicy when Lullu Gunn's glamourous looks got her boyfriend in the mood right then and there. He just couldn't wait another second to have a private moment with Lullu. The second her step-mother stepped out of the room to adjust her looks, he had his paws all over Lullu's body. As luck would have it, Melanie walked back into the room just as Jason was feeling Lullu up and slipping his hand between her legs. Melanie wasted no time joining them for a steamy BGG threesome. She showed Lully the finer points of sucking cock as they took turns pleasuring Jason's rock hard cock. Watch how these new-found lovers intertwined and explored each other's bodies, taking the time to snap racy pictures of all the naughty fun they got up to that day.

Melanie Gold in 'Golden Days'

Melanie Gold - Golden Days

Oh those golden days on the countryside. Away from the noise of the city, enjoying the harmonious silence, away from the stress... even time seems to pass by way slower. Renato and Melanie has all the time in the world to enjoy each other's company in every possible way.

Melanie Gold in 'Pure Gold'

Melanie Gold - Pure Gold

Sometimes you don't have to go far to find pure gold. Melanie is a real treasure... beautiful, sensual and sweet like honey. She also likes when someone watches her while she rubs herself into a climax. It is a massive turn on for her... and hopefully it does the same for you.

Melanie Gold in 'Is a Party Girl'

Melanie Gold - Is a Party Girl

Melanie Gold was getting ready to go to a party and she always makes sure her holes are used before she gets her cocktail dress on. Shy girls like Melanie need help relieving their own nervous tension before making any public appearances, and having a pair of studs bone both her holes in DP style really does the trick!

Melanie Gold in 'Too Hot to Interview'

Melanie Gold - Too Hot to Interview

Usually fans love the long interviews and behind the scenes moments with sexy pornstars, but Melanie Gold is too sexy for any of that. The moment you see her on screen your mind starts racing, your heart starts beating harder and you are wondering out loud "why isn't someone fucking her already?!? It's hard to stay cool with a fantasy girl this hot!

Ava Dalush in 'So yummy'

Ava Dalush - So yummy

We had two bona fide sex freaks with us this week at the sex parties. Ava and her friend were dirty and wanted to get into some naughty action with the boys. They weren't shy and wasted no time getting their clothes off. These Euro freaks went straight for the cocks. They were two pros that had all the right moves and knew exactly how to please. Don't miss all the cock gagging, and ass fucking, in this wet and sloppy cum covered Euro party. It was an instant classic.

Melanie Gold in 'Anal Pounding In Spain!'

Melanie Gold - Anal Pounding In Spain!

Melanie Gold is so sexy! Sexy big lips made for sucking dick. Huge tits to suck on and a thick ass to stick a dick in it. Melanie loves to show off her sexy body. Let's not forget about anal. Melanie Gold loves anal sex. Max made sure he left a good impression on her. Enjoy!