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Hollie Hatton,Becky Holt in 'DDF' - Show and Tell (EUROGIRLSONGIRLS.COM)

Today we show you the softer side of two of our hottest and toughest looking tattooed babes, English bred redhead Becky Holt and the buxom blonde Brit Hollie Hatton, in today's softcore glamour porn set. The two play a little game of show and tell as they admire each other's body art, and slowly their lust for each other is revealed as well, and they're soon tugging on each other's lingeries and sucking on each other's titties, but that's the only softness you'll see out of them today. You get the feeling that things are going to get a lot kinkier when they walk out the door! While you wait for an invitation, get more up close and personal with their e...

Released : November 20th, 2013

Pictures from Hollie Hatton,Becky Holt in 'DDF' Show and Tell

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Hollie Hatton in 'Provocatively Inked'

Hollie Hatton - Provocatively Inked

Welcome to an unusual exhibit not only of a gorgeous girl but also of tattoo design. It is held for us, performance art-style, in a brightly-lit storage locker today as Hollie Hatton from Great Britain unveils the unique splendor of her highly inked 32F-27-40 figure, first clad in a steampunkish white and black corset and petticoats, with frilly retro-style black and white underpants as well. Hollie strips all these accoutrements away, however, to fully display the complexity and variety of her tattoos, which hold countless motifs to stimulate the imaginations of closely observant onlookers. But Hollie is a glamour model first and foremost, displaying her body in stimulating pinup-style ways, as when she stretches across two chairs and kicks up her curvy legs and high-heel shod feet. Enjoy her provocative show in Full HD and high resolution pics!

Becky Holt in 'Captivating Beauty'

Becky Holt - Captivating Beauty

The stunningly inked Becky Holt from the United Kingdom is with us again today, posing in her bra, panties, garters, stockings and platform pumps. Pulling us in with her entrancing gaze, she then takes us on a tour of her tats as she arrays herself across a piano while doing a slow strip in her nude pics and Full HD erotic video. Watch Miss Holt stretch herself out to showcase her long legs and tight juicy bottom, as well as letting our DDF lenses capture in detail the vibrant variety of ink on her limbs and torso! Her captivating blue eyes and exotic piercings add to her allure as she looks deep into our horny hearts, setting off all sorts of fantasie...

Daniella Mae in 'Sting of the Roses'

Daniella Mae - Sting of the Roses

Enter the realm of the tattooed temptresses as blonde Becky Holt is disciplined by raven-tressed Daniela. Both these gals have serious ink, which adds to the kink as we watch Becky, spread-eagled outdoors on a frame, being chastised by Daniela with a whip that seems to be made of artificial roses. (If they were real roses, the thorns would tear up Becky's flesh!) Daniela whips Becky's tits, then turns her around and whips and gives her butt a spanking. Our DDF cameras capture all the angles on this lesbian bondage action, Full HD BDSM presented to you in a fetish XXX video that demonstrates the proposition that sometimes when girls get heavily into...

Becky Holt in 'Tats And Ropes'

Becky Holt - Tats And Ropes

Becky Holt finds herself in a storage space with bondage master Zor, and the heavily tattooed United Kingdom beauty is totally at his mercy as he trusses her up with his skillful rope arrangements. You'll be able to study her tats closely in her Full HD fetish XXX video as her arms are bound behind her and her left thigh and calf are tied up in unbelievably intricate knots. Then Zor connects the ropes to a metal ring hanging from the ceiling and she is suspended over the floor. He lowers her down, changes the knots, and then suspends her again and leaves her hanging for a while, her bright red hair tumbling backward toward the floor, before she is pu...

Hollie Hatton in 'Ink In The Drink'

Hollie Hatton - Ink In The Drink

Be prepared for the truly bizarre as you watch a most inventively tattooed blonde newcomer to our DDF sites, Hollie Hatton, as she is tied to a frame by mysterious bondage master Zor and then lowered in all her helplessness into a pool of water. Our cameras come in tight to capture the details of her tattoos, especially the two on the fronts of her thighs--which look like cartoon animals, one a cow, the other a dog. Her ink extends down her shins and up her arms as well. Her breasts stand out both for their largeness and their lack of tats. After she's securely tethered to the frame, Zor lowers Miss Hatton into the pool, and Hollie lays there with t...