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Sabrina Moor in 'DDF' - Secretive Desires (HANDSONHARDCORE.COM)

Here's a scene that has an interestingly sleazy, night time atmosphere, making you feel like the story is that Sabrina Moor and her stud Steve are doing something illicit and dirty in a hotel maybe cheating on their respective spouses or something similar. Steve is wiry with hairy arms and hands, and Sabrina is gorgeous but looks raunchy and filled with the desire to slake a secretive lust. She takes Steve's huge cock in her red-manicured fingertips and blows it, then he sits on the floor and sticks his unshaven face between her tender thighs and into her snatch. He keeps his black t-shirt on while she, getting naked except for her strappy heels, services his rod with cowgirl riding and eager sucking. Finally he bangs her spoon-style on the couch and leaves a messy load of cream on her hairy twat. Lotsa thrills as this wild girl gets it on with her incognito lover in this edgy hardcore XXX video!

Released : March 18th, 2014

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When you see a Russian wild girl like Sabrina Moor in her new hardcore XXX video, wearing super-tight jeans and heels, your boner already starts to throb! But she's only getting started, distracting Sabby from his labors trying to set up a new couch. Soon enough that incredible azz in those jeans gets him sitting back for a blowjob, as Sabrina kneels before his meat but keeps showing us that blue denim bottom!

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