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Agness in 'DDF' - Scratching her Itch (ONLYBLOWJOB.COM)

The DDF Sauna is probably the friendliest of all saunas on this planet of ours. Walk in, and there's sure to be a beautiful girl with an itch to scratch in her private parts, and ready to let the nearest guy help her scratch it. Today's itch-scratcher is the lovely Agness, relaxing in her blue bikini when Franco Roccaforte saunters in. Getting cozy, they rub each other down, then Agness slides aside his towel to tend to that enormous log he carries in his crotch. Grasping his turgid inches with her eager hands, she gives him some fine cock sucking, showing that big dick lots of loving attention in these sexy blowjob pics. Whether she leans over his...

Released : January 31st, 2014

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Agness in 'Makes you Unload'

Agness - Makes you Unload

Agness from Ukraine likes to keep fit, so she goes regularly to the DDF Gym, but she's not only focused on her workout regimen! She has another interest in life as well as exercise: a foot fetish, and she loves to find guys who will indulge it. Today Mugur is her meat. First she gets him sniffing her size 5 sneakers, then sucking on her white knee sox, and then she takes his tool between her socked peds. There's nothing for Agness quite as satisfying as the sensation of tough gristle lodged firmly between her arches as she tugs it harder and faster. Sure, she sucks dick and takes it in her pussy too--watch this new footjob video for the proof--but...

Agness in 'Sleek and Gorgeous'

Agness - Sleek and Gorgeous

Agness is here for us today to really kick off our weekend with some thrills. Wow, what a hot babe! She's steamy, sleek, and gorgeous! Agness is from Ukraine and sports a 34AA-25-35 frame that is a real knockout the way she's dressed in a tight hot pink frock. She rolls around on a bed and sticks her ass in the air at us in her Full HD erotic video. We could jerk off right on her dress!! But Agness is only getting started. Wait till you see the great butt shots she gives us, with her gray thong between her cheeks! Drool, drool!! But there's so much more once she takes off her dress. Her matching gray bra and panty really accentuate her skin tone,...

Agness in 'Pink In The Heat'

Agness - Pink In The Heat

Alone in the sauna, Agness from Ukraine entertains herself with her sexy tan-lined body. At first she tries to relax, laying on the bench in her white towel, but then she uncovers her shaved snatch and begins playing with her 34AA titties too in these nude pics and Full HD video. Her pussy is really pink in the heat and looks as if it could use some dick, but in the absence of a man Agness spreads herself wide and perhaps imagines US as her lovers, maybe one after the other! That's the kind of fantasy she inspires here. She fingers herself laying on her back and crouching on her knees, and gives us some sweet shots of her oh-so-bangable butt in this...

Agness in 'Construction Capers'

Agness - Construction Capers

It's a busy day on the construction site, and both Agness and Choky Ice are working up quite a sweat. So Choky fetches a nice snack, a big slice of watermelon for them to share. As he feed it to the Ukrainian honey, she sits with her legs wide under her blue denim cut-off miniskirt and reveals her panty-less pussy. Soon Choky feeds watermelon into her hairless slit, followed by cock for her mouth and fingers for her snatch too. After Agness enjoys a little ball licking, which hardens her puffy nipples and is captured by our DDF cameras in great closeups, Choky fucks and licks her cunny, before turning his attention to her asshole. She rides his meat...

Agness in 'Schtupping After Shopping'

Agness - Schtupping After Shopping

David Perry is reading a book, but then he's interrupted by two beautiful girls, Camila and new face Agness, when they have an urgent need for his company. They share a glass of wine, and then it's down for the real purpose of their visit--to take that big dick out of his pants and fulfill their hunger to suck and fuck it, all this action captured for your pleasure in a hardcore XXX video as these wild girls go from being nicely dressed for a day of shopping, to being nicely naked for doggie style schtupping and cunny cramming, girl-girl clam lapping, and cowgirl style anal as this threesome heats up to its ultimate point of creamy explosion and un...