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Evelyn in 'DDF' - Rare Treasure Found (HOTLEGSANDFEET.COM)

Wow, here is a major new talent with some really sweet feet! But Evelyn from Latvia has been a little coy about filling out her model info, and we have to guess at the size of those delectable peds! What size do you think they are? Maybe she wants us to measure them with our tongues!! :p One thing, however, that is crystal-clear in this debut scene is that Evelyn has the kind of very symmetrical toes that are rarely found and are a treasure when located! Accentuated with pink polish and pretty sandals, her feet are posed to perfection by our DDF cameraman as she wears white lace leggings that really put the focus on her feetsies. Enjoy her poses in her...

Released : August 29th, 2013

Pictures from Evelyn in 'DDF' Rare Treasure Found

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