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Girlfriends sharing a bounty of boners is the scenario as Beata Undine first entertains Cristian and Ryan James, and then is joined with great enthusiasm by her roommate Alysa Gap, who goes even further in giving not just her pussy and mouth but her asshole to the two randy rods.

Released : July 5th, 2014

Pictures from Alysa aka Alysa Gap,Beata Undine in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat

Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat (Thumbnail 1)
Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat (Thumbnail 2)
Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat (Thumbnail 3)
Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat (Thumbnail 4)
Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat (Thumbnail 5)
Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat (Thumbnail 6)
Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat (Thumbnail 7)
Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat (Thumbnail 8)
Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat (Thumbnail 9)
Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat (Thumbnail 10)
Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat (Thumbnail 11)
Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat (Thumbnail 12)
Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat (Thumbnail 13)
Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat (Thumbnail 14)
Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat (Thumbnail 15)
Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'DDF' Bounty Of Meat (Thumbnail 16)

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Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'Her Nookie Needs'

Alysa aka Alysa Gap - Her Nookie Needs

When we first see Alysa Gap today, she's dressed with an aura of innocence in a sea green blouse and frilly skirt, and with matching sea-green gingham cotton underpants. She stands with her hands in front of her like a shy girl from down the way...

Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'You Are My Playthings'

Alysa aka Alysa Gap - You Are My Playthings

Kathia Nobili dominates slavegirls Sophie Lynx and Alysa Gap in fierce style. Her naked subs are both blindfolded--Sophie in the red mask, Alysa in the black--and bound to the walls by their wrists and ankles.

Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'Needs Her Ice Cream'

Alysa aka Alysa Gap - Needs Her Ice Cream

Alysa Gap files her fingernails while Choky Ice is in the tub. But it doesn't take her long to put aside the emery board to shift her attentions to his meat!

Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'Gawk At These Gapes'

Alysa aka Alysa Gap - Gawk At These Gapes

Alysa is in quite an amazing mood today. First she teases us in her skimpy outfit, and especially with her thong which barely covers the crack of her alluring bottom. Then this wild girl moves into the next phase of her performance in this startling anal porn shocker, as she preps her posterior with huge dildos--first squatting on a black one, then cramming herself with a pink one, and then showing us the extent of her gape. But she's only getting warmed up, as she thrusts a humongous glass shaft into her ass, producing an even bigger gape which she pulls apart like other girls pull apart their pussies; and then, to top off this intense hardcore XXX video of extreme sex--because what is stretching your asshole like a pussy if not an extreme sex practice?--Alysa takes the enormous tool of Ian Scott first into her face (to get it wet and ready) and then right into her asshole in some of the most incredible anal penetration closeups, and resulting gapes, ever produced by DDF Productions. You'll gawk at these gapes--you gotta see 'em to believe 'em!!

Alysa aka Alysa Gap in 'At Their Whims'

Alysa aka Alysa Gap - At Their Whims

Nick Lang introduces his friend Markus Dupree into the pleasures of being a master by inviting him to partake of the defilement of Nick's slavegirl Alysa, who waits quietly in the next room, laying in her latex minidress on a mattress with her mouth gagged and her wrists cuffed to her neck in a bizarre metal device. Aspiring sadist Markus tries out flogging Alysa's bottom, then he licks her posterior portal to prep it for the deep insertion of a black dildo. After being fucked with the toy, Alysa's sphincter is then spread for the plunge of the huge Dupree dick, even as Nick fills her face with his own massive meat. The brunette beauty is totally at the mercy of their whims as she gives them all her feminine holes in total service, which culminates with intense double penetration in this fetish XXX video full of the most extreme sex. Her tongue and rosebud are thoroughly spermed before she is finally left, naked and damp, alone on the mattress with Markus's cream, like a decadent little pond, drying on her anus even as the raunchy residue drips down into her shaved pussy.

Scenes from other sites featuring Alysa aka Alysa Gap,Beata Undine

Hadjara in 'Beautiful Hairy Pussies'

Hadjara - Beautiful Hairy Pussies

It may be retro for some and new wave for others, but we all have to agree that a little bit of hair may dress the pussy. Let it be a cute landing strip, a sexy triangle, an arrow pointing at the clam itself... a hairy pussy is interesting, exciting and beautiful. We gathered some of the cutest bushes for you.

Beata Undine in 'Studio Fun'

Beata Undine - Studio Fun

Ksenija and Beata wanted to try something new today. Instead of the usual Russian pass times, they called up Beata's cousin to take some professional photos of them together at his newly opened studio. The girls try on a variety of outfits, showing off their playful nature and their smoking hot teen bodies so they have a record of their youth for years to come. As they get more comfortable in front of the camera, they begin to dress using props to cover their natural tits and smooth bodies. Then, as they begin to think of what will really prove their youth a thought crosses their minds. They're already naked, and it's not the first time they've been alone together. They decide to give the camera some tantalizing questions, something to gain the interest of their wanting viewers. What do they possibly have in mind?They set up the environment for a sexy pillow fight. The excitement leads so naturally to what comes next. Ksenija leans in to plant a big kiss on Beata. Within moments the two are ready for an experience they savor each time they're together. Ksenija and Beata take their time peeling off each other's panties, taking the time to caress their soft skin before Ksenija uses her strong fingers to stimulate Beata, making her writhe against her hand and back against her lap. With each moment you can feel the heat rising around them. Beata spreads her legs for Ksenija, exposing her elastic lips so Ksenija can use her slick tongue and lips to kiss and suck at Beata's tiny clit. Beata is in ecstasy as Ksenija continues her pleasing, growing hornier and hornier with each second. Ksenija inserts her fingers leaving Beata's breathing short and quick, only just covering her gentle moaning. Ksenija finishes her teasing, and positions herself giving Beata perfect access to her own sweet pussy. Beata laps up her seasoned nectar using her forceful tongue and fingers to split Ksenija's lips apart teasing her for the explosive orgasm to come. Beata thrusts her strong fingers inside Ksenija's perfectly shaved pussy, and Ksenija reacts using her moaning to communicate her ecstatic pleasure. As they heap themselves in 69 the young vixens get settled in for a ride they will never forget. With Beata on top, lapping at Ksenija's pussy and Ksenija on the bottom using her fingers to knock at Beata's forbidden fruit, the two louden their cries moaning sustained tones until finally they reach their orgasms riding wave after wave of contractions deep within their hungry cores.

Beata Undine in 'Sweet Morning After'

Beata Undine - Sweet Morning After

Beata and Viola are a couple to truly passionate beings. They clearly have intense attraction to one another, and even though to their friends it may seem they don't hang out very often, nothing could be further from the truth! These two, horny ladies spend all their time together in the heated fever pitch of sensuality.Without wasting another second Beata Undine and Viola are in the buck, displaying their petite bodies, but Viola's massive natural tits exponentially increase her value to Beata. Viola's perfect breasts are still not her most delectable quality, surely her fingering methods far outshine them. Beata and Viola are so hot for one another that they caress their soft skin and stimulate erogenous zones that the best lovers don't even know about. Viola not only owns the best rack around, but she has a deep lust for Beata's own perfect breasts. As the heat rises they begin to writhe against each other's expert hands and a plethora of other sexy and stimulating body parts. The heat never lets up, and these two have to cool off quick, before they reach a temperature that might just even result in flames... But then, as if the heat and fire of the night is a distant memory the two wake, naked, already sharing touch, worshiping one another's perfect bodies. The memory of their flames sends them lusting and horny toward the shower to cool off, and cleanse themselves of their residual morning. Once again, Viola takes charge, giving Beata one of her most intensely passionate shaved pussy fingerings before they revert to the bed, caressing their soft curves and perky breasts, opening their legs for one another to reach their sensitive parts. They can't take their lips off each other. Viola climbs atop Beata's warm mouth to be eaten out by her slick, strong tongue. Then, Viola lets Beata lie back and take the full length of her professional fingers. Their moans and cries together grow to the point where, if they venture further will result in massive contractions, and a mind blowing orgasm. Finally, while they continue to lust for each other's soft lips and warm mouths they finish one another, using their enlightened fingers, eventually cumming face to face, realizing their intense physical attraction with a consciousness altering moment of pure lesbian bliss.

Beata Undine in 'Minty Fresh'

Beata Undine - Minty Fresh

For a natural beauty like Beata Undine, the hardest part about getting clean is staying that way. Her lover Matt Bird eyes her knowingly as she freshens up, barely containing his eager manhood as her soft hands wander his body. They sensually caress each other, preparing their bodies for the kind of erotic and passionate lovemaking that's as refreshing and revitalizing as a cool breeze on a hot day.

Gina Gerson in 'Rocco's Psycho Teens 5'

Gina Gerson - Rocco's Psycho Teens 5

Adorable, petite Beata Undine and Gina are playing on motorized scooters when Gina's straitlaced tutor, Ian Scott, shows up for her lesson. When he agrees to teach Beata a few things, this sexy young slut hatches a sneaky plan to seduce the older gentleman. She unzips Mr. Scott's slacks and wraps her lips around his throbbing cock; Beata rides on his enormous shaft, bouncing up and down in ecstasy. Gina makes it a nasty anal threesome. Both cuties get butt-fucked until their bungholes gape; they suck cock ass-to-mouth and rim each other ... then share a gooey load of cum.

Beata Undine in 'Time for playing'

Beata Undine - Time for playing

This week the Euro guys, Chocky and Renato, hook up with a lovely Latvian and a horny Hungarian. The blond haired, porcelain skinned Latvian goes by Beata. She uses her her plump, perky tits and tight, tasty, ass and pussy to the full extent. She really likes to party and just wants to have a good time. The red haired, bronze skinned Hungarian goes by Tiana. She also likes to have a good time and with what appears to be more extensive sexual experience she adds her flair to the party. Her tits and ass are slightly bigger than Beatas and her sex skills are top-notch. The girls get the party started by themselves with the help of a large dildo. They each take turns practicing their deepthroat and cock sucking skills. As Tiana shows off her skills on the dildo she almost chokes down the entire thing. Once they get the dildo nice and lubed up with their saliva Tiana decides to get on and ride it. She barely gets started when Chocky and Renato come in and tell her the real thing is much better. The guys proceed to kiss and caress the girls and shortly after everyone is fucking and sucking. the party lasts for quite awhile as the guys can't seem to get enough of these girls. Tiana shows of her experience again with more deepthroating and by taking it in the ass. Beata gets into full party mode and never stops fucking and sucking until Renato covers her stomach and pussy in cum. Chocky follows this by giving Tiana a facial that drips onto her tits. Covered in cum and extremely satisfied the girls lay next to each other and start kissing.

Beata Undine in 'Juicy'

Beata Undine - Juicy

Beautiful Beata Undine wants to put on a bit of a show for you. Her body has gone through so many changes as she's become such a beautiful young teen, she's just gotta show off. Caressing her new womanly curves, her soft breasts, flat stomach, and the soft orbs of her perfect ass. Taking off her pink and purple dress and slipping out of her bra, Beata lays back and continues the tease, now clothed only In some cute white panties. Drawing them up, they frame her perfectly shaved pussy, but still manage to hide exactly what you want to see. She uses the fabric to rub her tight little pussy up and down, letting them soak up her sweet wetness and to tease you just that much more. Finally she slips them off, with a cute little smile. Laying there exposed before you, her perfect teen body ready for some more attention, but you're still not allowed to touch. Lifting one leg up on the side of the couch and spreading wide, so you can see everything, Beata begins to toy with her clit, using two fingers to rub the sensitive little nub around. She's not done the show though, turning on her side and spreading that sweet ass for you, she slips a finger into her tight wet hole. She may have grown, but her little pussy is still virginally tight, one finger isn't enough, flipping onto her back, she's able to fit another one in and quickly begins pushing them in and out. Beata wishes it was you doing it and we know you do too, but it's not your turn yet. Fingering her shaved pussy fast and hard, she grabs onto the pillow preparing for one excellent orgasm, she can't wait to cum for you. Her pussy clenches hard, the tight wet teen hole grabs onto her little fingers. Slipping them out, Beata teases her clit, swiveling her hips unconsciously as orgasmic pleasure pulses through her. Now, it's your turn.

Gina Gerson in 'Deep drilling'

Gina Gerson - Deep drilling

We found ourselves two especially hot euro babes this week. They where on vacation and willing to do whatever to have fun. One of them turned out to be a real freak and the other had an amazingly hot body. It was party time once we got back to the apartment. They girls really knew every move in the book. There was little bit of everything in the mix, some anal, a hot bush, and some amazing dick sucking skills just to name a few. This one is hot, dont miss out !