Charlyse Bella in DDF - Rub Me, Fill Me, Cream Me (HANDSONHARDCORE.COM)


DDF scene description

Charlyse Bella relaxes in her pink baby doll nightie as she waits for Mr. Clark, her massage therapist, to arrive. Once he gets there, she's obviously interested in something deeper than the average rubdown!


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Mira Sunset - Obey Your Owner


15th April - Tall and commanding in her domme duds, Mistress Mira Sunset oversees her little barefoot human doggie Charlyse Bella, whose pretty face is muzzled in a cage-like metal mask and whose bottom is stuffed with a red dildo plug with a long horse-like tail. ...Read More
Charlyse Bella - Not So Innocent


28th April - Not So Innocent
Charlyse Bella - Frisky Lady Sandwich


21st September - Those two striking young gals from Portugal, Erica Fontes (in the black dress) and Charlyse Bella, are enjoying some champagne when their friend Angelo Ferro stops by. When Erica goes out of the room for a moment, Angelo and Charlyse start fooling around, with Miss Bella stroking and sucking his cock and Angelo licking her snatch. When Erica returns she gets into the spirit of the proceedings quickly, lapping at Charlyse's slit and taking Angelo's meat in her mouth. Things heat up even further as Angelo finds himself in a frisky lady sandwich between the friends, as these wild girls do everything from lick his balls to Erica sitting her asshole dow... ...Read More

Charlyse Bella - Scrumptuous Tour

Charlyse Bella - 1BY-DAY.COM

19th December - That Portuguese sizzler, Charlyse Bella, pays us a visit today, and does she ever look stunning from the git-go! Tantalizing us with her ever-ready-to-get-raunchy rump in her tight blue miniskirt, Charlyse kneels on a couch and sticks her ass toward us. She's not wearing any panties because she's eager to get down to the business of stimulating us pronto! Her sweet asshole stands out against her thong's tan line, and before we know it she's sliding a finger deep inside that snug portal. Charlyse's seat shines with some oil she's rubbed on her cheeks, and you can almost smell her aromas as she boffs herself with her digit. Then she kneels on... ...Read More
Charlyse Bella - Complete Gourmet


18th June - That's exactly what you get when you put two tantalising treats together and let them do what they do best. Today Eve Angel, one of the greats of the European Porn circuit, and Charlyse Bella, a complete pop tart who has already made her mark this year get together to summon the creme from your crown! ...Read More
Charlyse Bella - Watch The Saliva Slide

Charlyse Bella - ONLYBLOWJOB.COM

16th July - Delivery guys have some of the best job perks around! Sabby has to drop off a package at Charlyse Bella's place and the Portuguese hottie is so turned on by his wild helmet that she can't resist getting to know the cock inside his jeans. ...Read More

Charlyse Bella - Looking fine

Charlyse Bella - Mike's Apartment

24th July - Charlyse showed up to the apartment pretty worn out from traveling. We gave her a quick little tour and showed her around, but she pretty much made a beeline for the bedroom to finally rest her feet. James explained our usual arrangement, but she was flabbergasted at the cost. And by design, the regular price was way beyond her budget. Charlyse wasn't sure if she wanted to have sex with James while I filmed it, but she was so tired and didn't have the energy to keep looking for a place to stay. According to her, James was cute anyway, and she felt she was getting the better end of the deal. ...Read More
Charlyse Bella - Double the sex

Charlyse Bella - Euro Sex Parties

8th May - We have two Euro freaks ready to show it all off for you this week. These girls where smoking hot and ready to go. They started dancing and shaking ass right away. It did not take long before the guys had their tongues deep in the girls wet pussies and the girls had a mouthfuls of cock. The one Russian hottie even asked for some back door action that she got right away. Dont miss one moment of these hot Euro babes showing off everything to get those hot loads all over them, super hot!! ...Read More
Athina - Bikini love

Athina - Euro Sex Parties

11th July - Athina, Charlyse, Renato, and Tony were all trying to get in a good workout. But the weights quickly got passed over for a more primal form of exercise. These two European beauties had the bodies and skills to get the party started. They were both fit, but still packed some plump tits and round full asses. Renato and Tony started by exercising their tongues while eating the girls out. Not to be outdone, the girls also got their oral workout, as they both showed off their cock sucking skills. This workout party really gained momentum, as the group flowed into various sets of sexual exercises while maximizing their reps. The session worked the muscles nicely with thrusting and produced a good pump for everyone. The guys provided protein shakes for the girls afterward. Charlyse graciously swallowed hers down, as it dribbled down her chin, while Athinas got hers poured all over her ass. ...Read More

Charlyse Bella - Web lust

Charlyse Bella - Mike's Apartment

6th November - Our old friend, Charlyse, was visiting this week. She had been to the apartment before and knew the deal. Charlyse was so excited to come back that she sent us a little video clip of her on the web cam showing off the goods. This hottie was excited at the chance to come back to stay and pay her way by sucking and working cock. Don't miss a second of this hot Euro babe showing off her awesome body and hardcore skills. It was super hot! ...Read More