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That Hungarian doll Candy Sweet is here for us and she looks ready to party in her orange lace dress and matching strappy heels. But the party is with us, as she leans over to tempt our sacs and sausages with her bouncing knobs in the low-cut front of her frock.


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Angelik Duval - Her Sins Chastised


21st December - Of what sins is Candy Sweet guilty? Her mistress Angelik Duval clearly feels that she must be disciplined. Immobilized hand and foot in her nudity by duct tape on an antique gynecologist's chair, Candy is at the mercy of the black-clad and nylon stocking-sheathed Mistress Duval, who first rips off the gray tape covering Candy's tits and twat, then fiercely squeezes her sub's bare nipples and pudendum. Candy cries in distress, but the chastisement continues as Mistress Duval pours a pitcher of oil all over Candy's head, soaking her hair and letting the oil drip down along her torso. This anointment, however, is not only a method of humiliation b... ...Read More
Christen - Sweet And Not So Innocent


15th October - Sweet And Not So Innocent
Taylor Sands - Hi-jinks In Knee Socks


30th August - Candy Sweet (in the pink peep toe shoes) and newcomer Taylor Sands are having a relaxing afternoon cuddling together on a couch. Don't they look scrumptious in their colorful, almost matching outfits? They're just two little bundles of squirmy girl flesh who are excited by their candy-hued knee socks and shoes and tops and blue-denim short-shorts. ...Read More

Candy Sweet - Tour Of Her Terrain

Candy Sweet - 1BY-DAY.COM

23rd August - Candy Sweet is just having a lazy day in bed, stretched out bare underneath the covers. She crawls out from the sheets, of course, so that she can lay on her tummy and plump up her round bottom and let us peek at her lovely rosebud. ...Read More
Candy Sweet - Gams And Clams


11th March - Ivana Sugar from Ukraine and Candy Sweet from Hungary relax in a living room today, reading magazines and sitting around in their pretty clothes, when suddenly they start admiring each other's long shapely stems in hose and high heels. Soon enough Candy worships Ivana's red legs and we see that the girls are wearing crotchless pantyhose, which makes licking so much easier. Moving on from their clams, though, the girls make love to each other's gams, with Ivana licking Candy's size 7.5 feet once she takes off Miss Sweet's scarlet snakeskin pumps, and Candy lapping at Ivana's size 6 peds likewise. The girls perch their shoes on the table frame while they get into kissing each other and posing their feet together, the contrast in their sheer red and black nylon adding a nice touch to the prurient proceedings. Enjoy the action as these gals explore leg loving pantyhose porn style captured in a Full HD fetish XXX video. Some great closeups at the end bring their feet and bottoms right up to your own faces for adoration! ...Read More
Marica Hase - Stocking and Garter Show


15th October - We get a double-dose of beauties today as Candy Sweet from Hungary and Marica Hase from Japan team up to give us a nylon stocking and garter show. As they pose for us, the girls can't keep from kissing each other and caressing their legs. Their shoes come off and we see Marica nibble on Candy's size 7.5 peds through the nylon, and then Candy returns the favor with Marica's size fives. Of course with such tasty femininity in prurient proximity to their tongues, the girls can't help but lick their pussies. But soon enough the stockings get peeled down, so if you like to see your ladies with bare feet you'll get plenty to ogle here too. How we e... ...Read More

Candy Sweet - Common interest

Candy Sweet - Common interest

11th August - Two different generation, two totally different ladies, but there is still a common point... they both like to lick pussies. We don't know how did the lecherous granny and the young babe find each other, but they seem to be a perfect match for some old-young lesbian romance... just watch! ...Read More
Candy Sweet - Delicious

Candy Sweet - Delicious

2nd February - Hungarian coed Candy Sweet is just as delicious as her name implies. Check out this sassy blonde as she struts her stuff in high heels that show off her long slim legs. Totally turned on, she slides a hand beneath her thong and then peels it off so that her soft bald pussy is free and ready for action. ...Read More
Candy Sweet - Sweet Candies 4 Candy Sweet

Candy Sweet - Sweet Candies 4 Candy Sweet

1st April - Young teen Candy Sweet is just lazing around, bored at home when unexpectedly, there's a knock at the door. Her girlfriend Henessy has come by to surprise her with some treats! What a cute teen lesbian couple these two make. Sitting on the sofa they begin sharing some of the sweets that Henessy brought over, as well as some sultry looks. Licking the lolly's and candy cane soon turns into tasting each others lips and skin. Nothing is sweeter on the tongue than some flawless, fresh young flesh. They're in no rush though, gently stripping each other out of their clothes Candy and Henessy take their time making out, kissing slowly along each other's necks, across their perfect little breasts, gently sucking each nipple. Soon these beautiful little lesbians are deep in the throes of passion and Candy decides to go after the treat she really wants to eat, Henessy's delicious young pussy. It's not long before Candy's tongue and fingers begin to drive Henessy wild with desire and she needs a turn herself. Eating her shaved pussy is better than any treat she could have brought, so delicious and sweet, there is nothing quite like young teen pussy. After eating each other for what seems like hours, our young beauties take turns sending each other into throes of orgasmic bliss while doggystyle. Digging their tongues deep into their tiny tight wet pussies and fingering now throbbing clits, our sweet teen lesbians show us that candy is dandy, but if you lick her, it's quicker. ...Read More

Candy Sweet - School Is In

Candy Sweet - School Is In

14th August - It is early September, and Candy Sweet just got home from a long day of work. She's not used to all the homework after her long hot summer and gives up on it pretty quick. Nostalgia gets the best of her and she instantly finds herself daydreaming of the memories from her break when she could masturbate as many times every day that she wanted. Suddenly Candy's shirt is off, and her tight pants are quick to follow. Her soft perky nipples look really tasty and her smooth young skin is soft to the touch. Candy's fingers find their way under her panties preparing her young pussy for what's to come. She slips out of her underwear exposing her sweet wet pussy. She runs her innocent hands all over her body stimulating every sensual piece. She finds her favorite toy just lying near her pillow. That's right where it's always been.By the writhing and moaning you can tell Candy is enjoying every moment. From the first second that her sweet shaved pussy is penetrated the moaning begins. With each thrust of her bright pink vibrator penetrating her deeper and deeper the pleasure comes to a head and she is instantly transported back to the best of her intimate memories from her long hot summer where orgasms seemed to grow on trees. ...Read More
Candy Sweet - Feeling Sexy

Candy Sweet - Feeling Sexy

5th February - Lusty Candy Sweet wants to show you that toys are a girl's best friend. Check out her perky little boobs and flat belly as she peels off her miniskirt dress and thong, and then enjoy the ride as Candy warms her bare puss up with her magic fingers and then finishes herself up with a magic wand toy. ...Read More
Candy Sweet - Desirable Rouse

Candy Sweet - Desirable Rouse

27th June - Candy Sweet and her man Totti are finally together after a long wait apart, and they can't wait to get reacquainted with each other's bodies.Totti gets things started by peeling Candy's clothes off as fast as he can, following his fingers with the warm press of his lips and tongue on her sensitive body.Candy isn't about to let her man have all of the fun, though! Springing her beau's erection free from his briefs, Candy settles in between his legs with a smile as she sweeps her tongue from his balls to the tip of his cock and then wraps her eager lips around his member to deliver a long, satisfying blowjob.Totti enjoys the moist heat of Candy's mouth before returning to his goal of pleasuring her in every way imaginable! He urges her to stand against the wall with her legs spread so that he can bury his face in the softness of her bottom and lick her tight little anus. Then he lies down and pulls her to kneel on top of his face, putting her sweet shaved pussy in perfect licking position.Finally, Totti can't take the anticipation of being inside his woman any longer. He rolls Candy onto her shoulders with her perfect twat fully exposed and sweeps his tongue over her folds to lap at her creamy juices. Then he stands and presses himself deep into her welcoming heat, pressing into her as she moans her happiness.Their initial coupling is fast and furious, but for more sustained sex they need to explore alternate positions. They come together in missionary style, and then Candy rolls Totti over and mounts her personal stud. She rides him with every indication of pleasure, her hips undulating and her full tits bouncing, until she climaxes with a cry of satisfaction.With Candy's inner walls still pulsing they return to the missionary position. Totti thrusts hard and fast in his woman's hot sheath until the urge to cum overwhelms him. Pulling out at the last moment, he releases his seed all over Candy's flat belly and ample breasts. ...Read More